Trading summary for Jan. 11, 2016

“Nobody on the planet can call the zigs and zags of the market like Nat. Nobody.”

— Jim Reynolds (The Papa)
One of Nat’s original members

So far this year the increased volatility and the wide intraday price swings have made Nat’s style of trading extremely profitable.

That’s been the case for the the whole year to date, but the trading results on Monday were extraordinary. We haven’t seen one-day profits like the for several year … with the exception of last August..

On Monday the calls Nat made in her overnight trading plan and her live real-time trade room collected a potential profit of more than 80 points, or in excess of $4,000 per contract.

We say “potential profit” because the trading covered most of a 24-hour period, and only the masochistic and the greedy would have stayed on the screen for the full time. It’s unlikely that anyone got all of it. But lots of people got part of it.

Here’s how the day unfolded, with the appropriate excerpts from the text chat log. Click the chart to enlarge. The full text of the text chat log is here.


ESH6 Mon. Jan. 11, 2016

1. Overnight trade
Long from 1895 at 6:00 pm

(08:18 am)* naturus .:overnight long needs to sell 1/2 positions here at 1927 from long 1893
(08:18 am) naturus .:rest move stops up to 1914.50
(08:18 am) naturus .:around 9am, looking for resistance and go gap short play

2.  First Short

08:35 am) naturus .:1928-25.50 is overnight buyers profit taking area …
(08:35 am) naturus .:gap shorts play first
(08:36 am) naturus .:25.50-28.50 is very agg. scalping short entry with stoploss 30.75

3.  First long

(11:05 am) naturus .:06.75-05.25 zone tgt hit
(11:06 am) naturus .:it opens 93.50-92.50 door again
(11:06 am) naturus .:1893-92.50 overnight low area
(11:07 am) naturus .:03.75 stoploss for very agg. scalping long 05.25-06.50

4.  Exit the long trade and reverse

(11:17 am) naturus .:ES needs to move above 13.50 at least before squeeze those shorts.
(11:25 am) naturus .:gap players already done.
(11:36 am) naturus .:double btm. repeat long side scalping one more time.
(11:42 am) naturus .:above 17.50 line, squeeze shorts face squeeze
(11:58 am) naturus .:keep eyes on 17.50, can’t go above it, long side needs to lock profit

5.  Exit shorts 

Exit level 1893.75 was posted at 8:00 a.m. Actual low for day was 1892.50.

*Note that the time stamps on the chat log are Eastern Standard Time, while the timeline on the chart in Central Standard, Chicago time. 8:00 a.m. on the chat log refers to 7:00 a.m. on the chart

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