Trading plan for Nov. 1, 2016

161031-es-dailyES barely managed to hold above its key support line at 2117.50 in regular trading hours yesterday. The monthly settlement is at 2120, a few points above the key line.

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Today 2120-18 remains an important zone. Holding above it still could push ES up to yesterday’s high area or higher up 2137.50-34.50 to shakeout some weak hands.

Daily STO indicator approaches oversold territory and PMO indicator remains negative. The internal strength is weak.

It seems many investors waiting on the sidelines for the election to be over.

If there is no significant news, the sideways range from 2145 to 2118.50 should be seen in next few days.

Because the ultra-short time frame is oversold, and today is first day of November, a brief bounce could be seen if yesterday’s low 2119.25 manages to hold up.


Short-term === Bearish
Medium-term === Neutral
LONG-TERM === Bullish

Support and resistance

Major support levels: 2112-10, 2101.50-03.50, 2092-93.50
Major resistance levels: 2156.50-58.50, 2164-62.50, 2171-72.50

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