Trading plan for May 15, 2015

150514-ES-dailyES took off before the market opened and never looked back. It opened 10 points above the previous close and closed near the high of the day, 2.25 points away from April’s high at 2119.75

ES has been attempting to break out for several days. Finally we saw some energy yesterday. But the volume was lower than its prior day, plus the SPX index options expired at the close. It might have caused ES to spike into the close. Today we want to see a strong volume on the upside to confirm that breakout is true. Without it, ES still has a chance to drop down to fill the 2094.50 gap.

For a continuing upside movement the 2100-05 zone has to prevent ES from falling today. 2124.50-27.25 will be the first predicted intraday resistance zone. A break above it will be bullish. The buyers could push price further up to 2133-35.50 zone. A failure to break that range could lead the price to go sideways within yesterday’s range while attempting to close yesterday’s gap at 2094.50.

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