Thurs. Mar. 10 transcript

Thurs. Rollover, triple witch next week. trading fri op ex

trading sheet for March. 10, 2022

option trading. 4250 is meanline for Friday’s option. as long as this line holds up, ES could go up under 4350 line. if ES moves near it, looking for buying 4275 puts
if ES goes down first, and price near 4150 line, looking for buying 4270 or 4250 calls.
gn all

Mar. 10

Jaf (Yoyo)5:08 AM
good morning

Jerry, 5:09 AM
Good morning

A, 5:09 AM
Good morning

Jaf (Yoyo)5:10 AM
watch 4218.75 reaction at 8:30 . news and 50 % from yestrday low to today high

Jaf (Yoyo)5:10 AM
gm Nat

Nat, 5:13 AM
gm all

Jaf (Yoyo)
5:13 AM
also dax at inflection are . 5 waves down intraday , fib time etc etc etc 13280 line

A, 5:14 AM

if drop to what level buy call
If shoot up to what level but put?

Jaf (Yoyo)5:15 AM
I dont trade options , sorry

Jerry, 5:16 AM
Nat, have you thought any more about a scalping class? Th

xA, 5:17 AM
Noted thanks

, 5:19 AM
CPI report is very important. if CPI too high. ES will go down to fill yesterday’s unfilled gap. if not high. ES will try to go up test 4325
20 day moving average line at 4346 is major R

Jaf (Yoyo)
5:20 AM
v v agg scalping long around 8:30 while 4218. holds up .careful with bear trap . looking for 40 pts if setup work
bear trap as stop run , algos clean the bid size , long stops and rally . can be seen at tape as a sudden drop of 5 to 10 pts

Naturus, 5:25 AM
4250 is a key line. A stay under it, odds favor downside. buyers need to regain a control of it to push price up for 4300 testing

Jerry, 5:26 AM
Gold dropping

Naturus, 5:27 AM
ECB holds rate unchange this morning
pay attention on 4300 call and 4200 put
12-month increase in CPI jumps to 7.9% in February
as long as ES stays under 4250 line. 4252.75 stop for scalping short side. high risk.
indicator of 15min chart still favor upside. not overbought yet.
Yearly increase in core CPI advances to 6.4% in February
Continuing state jobless claims edge up 25,000 to 1.49 million

JAF (Yoyo), 5:33 AM
trilin to 62 area
trailing , ideal
most 45
drop and reload one more time . from 33 area
with signal
b\e  or sell asap
if stopped out , bacl fro 28
below 4228 no more long


Naturus, 5:41 AM
option 4300 to 4200 prices

Sammy, 5:48 AM
gm nat and all

Jaf (Yoyo)
5:48 AM
news trading time almost over . mainly ignored .
no more long until ( maybe) rth open bbl

Jerry, 5:56 AM

Naturus, 5:56 AM
real time high =RTH

Jerry, 5:57 AM
Thx Nat

Jaf (Yoyo)5:59 AM
rth regular trding hours
9:30 est 16:15 est

Naturus, 5:59 AM
yes. Yoyo is right. Jerry

Jerry, 6:00 AM
Ha ha, OK. Thank you both.  😊

Jaf (Yoyo)6:15 AM
open in 15 . watch dax . if b\d already 3.27 % spx will tank too.

Naturus, 6:30 AM
4210 is a key. for upside, ES needs to hold up 4210 line
gap players will attempt to fill 4275.25 gap first, but no easy for them. they have two gap job. one at 4275.25, one was yesterday’s unfilled gap at 4168.75
i expect ES goes down today.
b/d 4210, open 4190 and 4175 door.
open price is 4228.75
sell side very slow.
option side also slow.
today is rollover day again. yesterday’s high is roll out, today people will wait for low level to roll in.

Naturus, 6:46 AM
4250 is tomorrow option meanline. ES attempts to go there. hard work for buyers

Naturus, 6:52 AM
focus on short side.
b/d 4220-10, sellers will win
before ES b/d it. only scalping trading for both side. 4250 R and 4220 S, mainly range from 4250 to 4220.
gap players for long side only have 37 mins. if can’t fill gap at 4275.25, those people will go home.
gold and oil want to retrace overnight low area. it could help ES to hold up
b/d 4252.75, 4275.25 door is open
bond price drops
4200 put filled its gap
4252.75 remains stop for very agg. scalping short side

Naturus, 7:22 AM
gold is near its support
ES gap long players only have 8-10 mins.
Hsi, 7:33 AM
gm nat and all

, 7:33 AM
morning Mr. Yang
gap players can’t fill today’s gap at 4275.25, they sold all long positions and now they will try yesterday’s gap at 4168.75
in order to fill yesterday’s gap, ES needs to go under 4200 and close under it
15min charts has a selling signal on indicator
scalping short. while ES is near 4225 area, need to cover partial and trailing to b/e
don’t let profit running away from you.
low volume is easy to run stops. but as long as be in right direction. back into the positions needed.
AMZN announced 20 to 1 split today

Sammy, 10:02 AM
lots of china stock getting hit BABA 92 ,,,,due to HFCAA

Nat, 10:03 AM
yes. also down lot
stay away from China stocks. lots will come.

Sammy, 10:19 AM

Nat, 10:42 AM
ES still holds 4210 line. Shorts shouldn’t force. see profit. just take it.

Naturus, 10:58 AM
sideway range means ES may not find its roll out top level.
later afternoon, ES may b/o 4255 line for higher level 4300 area again.  also giving a chance to ESH22 contracts holders to roll out.
b/o 4255 line attempt. keep eyes on  4255

Naturus, 11:12 AM
4255 rejects ES again

Naturus, 11:18 AM
oil market will close in next 12mins. after it closes, ES will fight through 4255 line

Naturus, 11:25 AM
4255 rejects ES second time
after oil market closes, if 4255 line continue rejecting, using 4256.50 stops for scalping short side
tgt 4239.50, 4235 and 4230 and 4225 max
next week quardruple witch week. no option for ESH22 trades. move into ESM22 contract.
ES b/o 4255 line, 4230 support
4225 stops for long side scalping.
keep eyes on 4255. oil market closes popping through 4255 line may be a trap.

Sammy, 11:35 AM
big vol on es 4400 buy ?

, 11:36 AM
May not. very wired move around 4255.
based on 15min chart, 4255 remains R

Sammy, 11:37 AM
tnx nat

Naturus, 11:37 AM
indicator is near overbought. looks like a trap. we needs to see Algo move. so far not there yet
rollover day. usually volatility  should be high. today is none.

Jerry, 11:39 AM
Trapping shorts or longs?

Naturus, 11:39 AM
trapping buyers, squeeze shorts.
slowly squeeze shorts, and turn them into the buyers. because there is no buyers.
unless big boy turns on Algo system on the buying side, and then price can be pushed up to 4275 and 4298-4300 zone.
need bond traders help.

ECB didn’t change rate, so market hopes Fed will not change rate next Wednesday
possible is wishful thinking.
b/o 4255. now 4248 support for it
very agg. scalping long side with stop 4248
pullback and go long side
this time 4255 line needs to hold up for 4262.50, 4268 and 4275.25 gap max
4262.50 tgt hit

Naturus, 11:58 AM
tiny little momentum move on upside. need more.
see profit and take it. don’t expect too much. step by step.

Che, 11:59 AM
reversal time as well

Naturus, 12:00 PM
today’s closing price will be ESM22 contract closing price.
every pop, see selling pressure increasing.
while ES attempt to pop, option traders are busy looking for buy puts.
4200 put moves into my buying range. under 10$ now.

Naturus, 12:24 PM
ES fake its b/o, trapped 13K contract bought on 4260 line.
bond market closed
fake b/o 4255 line
ES needs to b/d 4248 line to bring price down 4230-20 zone