System trade results – Feb 12, 2016

Outcomes – system trades to Feb. 12, 2016

Nat’s system trades returned $975 before slippage and commissions last week, trading one contract lots. The system produced 8 trades on three days.

The largest drawdown was $150 (stop level) but on two occasions the system was stopped out three times in succession before a winning trade was entered.  On a daily basis, the largest daily drawdown was $450. The largest daily gain was $1,275.

In total the system was stopped out six times and posted 2 winning trades, for 12 and 25.5 points respectively.

For the month of February to date the system produced at net gain of $1,525.

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Note that these are hypothetical results from a simulation account.

We are beginning a Beta project to test the results of the system under actual trading conditions. We’ll post the results as they become available.

Here is a spreadsheet with the hypothetical results from Jan. 4 to Feb. 12.


Contract: ESH6. Position size 1 contract. Inflection points posted at 8 a.m.

Enter only at buy or sell levels, exit at next inflection point or market on close with a three-point stop. Re-enter each time stopped out. No positions held overnight.

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