Safe and Simple: Trading for non-traders  

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Once a year -- and only once a year -- Nat offers a reduced rate to new subscribers and old friends coming back: sign up for a new subscription before the deal ends, and the second month is free. Can't beat that! But it's only good until Feb. 16. Don't let it slip away.

What is Safe Simple Trading?

It is systematized, mechanical method of trading futures for people who want to make money from the market, but don't want to devote a lifetime to learning how, or all day to watching stock charts. Here's how it works.

Every trading day Nat posts a trading plan which includes a series of "inflection points" for the markets she trades: gold, oil and S&P500 e-mini futures contracts. Here's a sample.

The inflection points are price levels where she expects the market to take some significant action. For example an existing short-term trend may stop and reverse at that price, or close to it,

Members with Full Access priviledges use those levels to make low-risk intra-day trades and adjust their positions on the fly.

But Naturus members with Daily or Weekly Access can also use them to place resting orders that capture part of the market action, without continuously monitoring the price. You don't even need to look at a chart during the day. (But you can, in Nat's free, real-time chart room).

We call those trading methods Safe, Simple Trading and they were specifically developed for traders who can't (or don't want to) watch every tick during the regular trading day... people who just want to make a little supplemental income from trading, but don't want to spend all day doing it.

The method is:

How does it work?

Nat posts Inflection points on her website each day for each of three contracts; the e-mini (symbol ES) gold (GC) and crude oil (CL).

Safe Simple Trading uses just the first buy and sell level, and while we recommend trading all three contracts, lots of members trade only one or two.

Overnight, or any time before the market opens, our traders place two "limit" orders for each of the three futures contracts:

  • Sell one contract at Nat's sell level; buy one contract at Nat's buy level.
  • All orders are "order-cancels-order" so the first order that is filled for the contract cancels the other.
  • All orders are good "day only."  If they are not filled they are cancelled at no cost at the end of the trading session.
  • Filled orders are exited "market-on-close" at the closing price of the day
  • Every filled order has a "hard" stop of $300 that exits the trade if the loss on that trade reaches the stop level.

At the end of the day you count up the winners and losers.

If a trade was "stopped out" the amount of the loss is subtracted from your account balance. We use a fixed $300 stop on all contracts. That is the maximum loss on that trade.

If you aren't "stopped out" and the closing price is lower than your selling price or higher than your buying price, the difference is profit that is added to your account.

That's the whole thing. Simple, right? But think what it means: a profitable trading system that allows you live a normal life, without learning complicated indicators or trading patterns. 

It is a little business you can start now with very little investment that can produce a regular revenue stream that lasts as long as you do. You don't want to miss it.

Does it make money?

Of course it does. We have traders who have been doing this with us since 2004. Why do you think they stick around?

Here are the results. We calculate the profit/loss for Safe Simple Trading for the first quarter of each year. (We quit after Q1 because the process really doesn't provide any new information. We already know it works.)

You can see the full results under the "Outcomes" tab in the top menu.

But here's a taste. (Click the images to enlarge).

In the first four weeks of 2020:

Number of trades: 21
Number of winning trades: 7
Value of Winning trades: $9,677.50
Average winning trade: $1,382.50
Number of losing trades: 14
Value of losing trades: $3660.00
Average losing trade: $261.45

Total net profit before slippage and commissions: $6,017.50

Anyone can do this. It takes no more than a couple of hours a day. It generates substantial profits with relatively small upfront investment. And the best trades are available now, while there is market volatility that makes it easier to trade profitably.

That won't last forever. Sign up now, before you miss the good stuff.

How much does it cost?

$57 a month, included with Nat's Daily Access. And the price will never increase as long as you maintain your membership.

But there's an even better deal. Right now you get the second month free! But this only happens once a year. Miss it now, and you won't see this again until after the U.S. election.

There are risks involved in trading futures, and no guarantees your trades will be profitable. Don't do this with the rent money, and be sure to read the disclaimer and Terms of Service. The link is in the right sidebar of regular pages or posts.