Results from Nat’s weekly Market Preview

We don’t talk about it much — maybe we should talk about it more! — but the results from Nat’s weekly Market Preview have been remarkable in the last couple of weeks. Here’s an example from last week, the week of Oct. 16, 2017.

This is a synopsis of what Nat said about the S&P500 futures, the main trading vehicle for thousands of retail traders:


The S&P500 index is expected to make new highs before it reverses. The major October options expire this week and could lead to fast price moves in both directions. Short-term strategy: buy on dips.

…The top of sub-wave 3 could be near 2572.30 minimum… Such calculations are easily disturbed by external events, but right now there is no reason to say those targets will not be reached.

This week is the expiration of the major October options…Traders should watch price moves early in the week. If price goes down in the first three days, usually it will bounce in the last two days…2575 could be our maximum high for this week.

Buy the dips. Look for a weekly high around 2572-2575.

And on Wednesday night she made it made the call clearer by publishing her inflection points for the next day,

1st Buy level 2552.00-2551.50;
2nd Buy level 2545.50-2546.50

And here’s what happened.

Friday close: 2574.50

S&P500 mini-futures, week of Oct. 16, 2017. 60-minute bars.


Anyone who took Nat’s call from Wednesday either overnight or in the day session (a lot of our members in Australia trade her early posts in the overnight market) saw a potential profit of about 30 points by Friday’s close. That was worth $3,000 $1500 per contract in profit. (Dumb mistake. We normally use two contacts as one ‘unit’).

There were similar results for gold and oil futures. You can see them out by checking out her past daily workbooks and the inflection points she posts. It’s free.

You could have received that all that information, plus access to her live trading charts, in lots of time to make the trades, for as little as $57 per month.

If you want to be on board for the next trade like that, sign up here:








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