Option trading summary – week of Jan. 10, 2022

Friday Jan. 14, 2022

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From the trading room

8:53 AM

ES attempts to go down further. wait for open and see how it can hold up 4600 level or not. Today is Friday option expiration. EW2 for ES

9:10 AM
for buying side, pay attention on 4640 call. after open, that call premium needs to be $6-3 range to buy. but don’t hold to close. see profit and take it while ES bounces.

9:30 AM

open price is 4618.50 
option side start to move. 4650 calls and 4600 puts are active.
4645 call jump from 6 to 12
4640 call jumped from 8 to 15 now. take some profit and rest trailing to b/e

both calls at 4645 and 4640 working today, all reached its first major tgt.

10:06 AM

4640 call reaches second major tgt 18. lock it.
option trade is done for today.

ESH22 Ja\Friday Jan. 14, 2022. 15-minute bars. Click to enlarge.

The market was down overnight, but bounced briefly after the open. The option trade, posted before the open, was to buy a Call option on the e-mini futures contract expiring today, with a strike price of 4640.

The futures contract is designated as ESH22. The option was designated as EW2.

The preferred entry was to buy the 4640 call at $6 premium. That price wasn’t available, so some members bought the 4640 Call at ~$8, and others bought the 4645 Call at ~$6 premium.

Both trades were successful with approximately the same return. The 4640 Call was purchased at about $8 ($400 total) and sold at ~$18 ($900 total) for a gross profit of ~$500, and a risk/reward of about 1:1.

The gross profit for the week for all the option trades is approximately $3550.

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Thursday Jan. 13, 2022

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From the trading room

Naturus, 9:24 AM

ES sideway range
**ES looking for short side play first

looking for tomorrow option 4700 put (buy)

right now is $9.
7-6$ is better

10:51 AM
4700 puts at $18
4700 put trade is done.
if later ES goes back up, looking for put again.

ESH22 Jan. 13, 2022. 15-minute bars. Click to enlarge

Nat called the first option trade of the day immediately before the open: buy the 4700 Put expiring Friday of the weekly option on the ESH22 futures contract .

The option premium at the time was about $9, for a total price of $450. The premium dropped a little after the open as the market rallied briefly.

By the time Nat closed the position at 10:51 – about 90 minutes after the initial call – the Put premium was $18. The total value was $900, and the gross profit on the trade was $450. The risk/reward ratio was 1:1.

The total gross profit for Nat’s option calls so far this week is about $3050.

After that trade was finished Nat told her members to look for another entry if the market bounced. She didn’t call a specific entry, but the market did bounce back to 4720 and the 4700 Puts became cheaper again.

Anyone who followed her suggestion and re-entered could get back in for a premium of about $15, or about $750 total. By the close the premium for that Put was $51, or about $2550 total price.

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Wednesday Jan. 12, 2022

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From the trading room


scalping buy today option 4700 puts
right now $7
6-5$ will be better. $7 is little high
depend on time. this put may or may not work today.
just see profit and take it. don’t expect too much from it.

gap fill
put flying
take some profit off puts at $13.
from 2.75 to 13, that put should be done for today.


Today’s call was to buy a Put expiring at the close with a strike price of 4700.

At the time of the call the price of the Put was about $7, or $350 in total. (Multiplier = $50)

About 90 minutes later Nat told her members to “take profits” — i.e. cover the position by selling the Put — at a price of about $13, or $650 in total.

The total risk on the trade was $350. The gross profit was about $300, depending on where you got in and where you got out. The risk/reward ratio was about 1:1.

The total gross profit for these trades so far this week is about $2600.

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Tuesday Jan. 11, 2022

From the trading room:


Low in. Rest of day, as long as ES stays above 4628 level, stay on long side.
Buy 4700 Call. Right now $10.50 Little expensive. Can’t hold into tomorrow. See profit and should take at end of day.

ESH22 Jan. 11, 2022. 15-minute bars

The short-term options on the ES expire on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the close of trading. Nat’s call today was to buy a 2700 Call on the option expiring tomorrow., but to cover the trade by the close of trading today.

Since the option had more time value than Monday’s trade (Monday’s option expired in about four hours; the Tuesday option expired in about 24 hours) Tuesday’s trade was not as profitable.

The cost of buying the Call was $10.50 x the ES multiplier ($50) or $550. That was the total amount at risk.

The premium received from selling the Call was $18 x the $50 multiplier, or $900.

The gross profit on the trade was $350. The risk/reward was ~5:3.5. The gross profit so far this week is ~$2350.

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Monday Jan. 10, 2022


today 4600 call at $6 area, and if 4575-70 zone holds, scalping long option 4600 call for some profit. if ES fails to hold 4575-70 zone, we have to look for Friday’s option call at 4600 strike price at the last hour. [/su_quote]

At 10:13 the trade is buy a Call on the daily option (E2A) on the ES futures expiring the same day. The strike was 4600. The premium was $6 multiplied by the value of one point = $6 x $50, or $300 total.

The market was dropping sharply after the open and the Calls were under-valued. But the market reversed after the first hour of trading and ended the day slightly above the open.

The Call ended the day deep in the money. The settlement price was above 4660.

The total profit available on the trade was above $2500 for members who held into the close and exercised the contract, or less for members who covered the position before the close.

The total risk was ~$300, depending on the entry price.