Oil – inflection points for May 1. 2017

Friday’s trades

Sell: $50.25
Keyline: $49.35
Buy: $48.25

There was not much action for oil traders Friday.

The price moved back and forth across Nat’s keyline alf a dozen times overnight before spiking up in the early morning pre-market, then dropping to the low of the day around noon.

It bounced back up to the keyline, then retraced again in the afternoon before closing the day with a modest gain.The price never approached Nat’s buy or sell levels.

There were some good trades available Friday and Nat’s intraday revisions to her trading levels helped trade room subscribers capitalize on them.

Overnight traders were less profitable. There was a good trade on the bounce up from Nat’s keyline and a second on the retracement to the low of the day, but there was no obvious exit point for either for overnight traders.


Today’s workbooks

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