Oil – inflection points for Mar. 31, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

CL K17. Mar. 30, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell: $49.51
Keyline: $48.99
Buy: $48.50

Yesterday Oil continued the rally that has moved the price from under $48 to over $50 in three days. There was a sharp decline in the overnight market into the buy level followed by a strong rally in the day session.

The price action  prompted Nat to revise her inflection points for yesterday’s day session for trade room subscribers..

The price rallied in the pre-market and moved sharply higher once the day session began, almost reaching Nat’s sell level.. Most the movement was completed by noon, with the market falling into a consolidation pattern later in the day.

The move was worth about $650 in profit to traders who caught it all.

Today’s workbook

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