Oil – inflection points for Apr. 27, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: $50.85
Keyline: $50.15
Buy: $48.50

Oil futures made a nice rally in the overnight market that would have been worth about $1100 per contract to anyone who caught it.

Unfortunately it did not start near any of Nat’s inflection points and her overnight calls didn’t give a good entry for the trade.

The move ended in a spike up to at Nat’s keyline shortly after the day session opened.

That was an entry level available to both overnight traders and trade room subscribers, and the price then moved back down for the rest of the day, recouping most of the rally and closing near the low of the day.

The trade was worth about $900 per contract to anyone who got the entry right and stayed in the trade to the end of the day.

Today’s workbooks

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