Nat’s results – Nov. 16, 2017


ES, Nov. 16, 2017. 10-minute bars.

The trading in the ES today was pretty much the definition of easy money.

The market hovered around Nat’s keyline in the overnight market, touched it once more before the day session began, then took off almost straight up to her first sell level, and stayed there into the close.

There were lots of opportunities to get in, no significant drawdown, and lots of opportunities to get out. The whole trade was finished before noon. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The gain for the trade was about $500 per contract.


Oil futures Nov. 16, 2017. 10-minute bars.

Overnight traders drew a blank on Nat’s oil calls Thursday. The market made another narrow range day, and the price failed to touch any of Nat’s prepared inflection points.

However subscribers to her intra-day updates did much better. Before the day session opened Nat posted:

Nat<> 8:49:11 AM
Oil stop at 54.75 for very agg. scalping long at 55-54.85, tgt = 55.40

That call got her traders into the long side just before the market spiked. The trade returned about $400 per contract.


Gold futures, Nov. 16, 2017. 10-minute bars.

The outcomes for Gold traders were less satisfying. The price whipsawed around Nat’s keyline throughout the entire session.

Traders who tried to enter at her keyline — in either direction — likely go stopped out.

The results for subscribers to her intra-day updates were not any better. She made one call around the beginning of the day session …

Nat<> 8:47:36 AM
GOLD 1274 stop for long side scalping at 1275-75.50
tgt = 1280-81

… but the entry was never touched. We’ll try again tomorrow.