Mar. 7 transcript

Monday Mar 7, 2022

Time stamps are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

Hsi, 6:15 AM
Gm nat and all
Nat, 6:20 AM
gm all

Naturus 6:22 AM
ES gap filled first.
whoever bought calls overnight, should take profit now.
gold and oil is near its support level.
ES is near its R soon.
after ES gap fills, looking for short side scalping.

yan, 6:24 AM
good morning Nat and all

Naturus 6:25 AM
Morning YY
buy 4265 put for small profit
this put could increase 2-5pts
gold bailed out all shorts and reverse the positions
oil 115 support.
ES agg. scalping short side
stop at 4330.50
tgt = 4314.50, 3208.50
b/d 4300, next tgt = 4292.50
gap at 4327.25

4308.50 tgt hit, cover partial ES,
bounce, continue looking for short side.
4365 put increase 3pts
take some profit or trailing stop for those puts
oil bounced from its 116
today’s ES open price is 4318.25
4265 put increased 5pts now
if b/d 4300, 4265 put could increase extra 3pt or 5pts

Naturus 6:51 AM
cover most of short posiiton on ES
sell partial 4265 puts
rest stop at b/e
keep eyes on 4300. ES needs to stay under it for 4280 and 4270 tgt.
bounce, still should focus on short side.

Naturus 7:00 AM
4280 tgt hit
this time ES near our first buying level, buyers should wait and need to get confirmed before going long side.
either ES needs to hold up at 4280 area or revisit overnight low.
4265 put increased 10pts total, should lock profit
Monday option trades should be done for today.
overnight ES goes down first, bought call and sold at open.
during open time, bought 4265 put, now sold all
take money and go to the bank

A, 7:05 AM
NAT,closed all MONDAY options ?

Naturus 7:06 AM
i did
rest of day, I will watch and pay attention on leap option

jaf, 7:08 AM
not many short sellers at 10:00 . tape bit green . ss from 4290 range 10:10 ideal
c p 80 and trailing

Naturus 7:12 AM
today mainly open price is too close its gap. no gap players today.

jaf, 7:12 AM
most \all , cvr DB 77

Naturus 7:12 AM
first 1/2 hour fail to fill gap = bearish
Nadaq is in bear market already.
dead crossing occurred last week

7:15 AM
spx never bother to fill his gap , and you posted , “short” outstanding call (y)

Naturus 7:15 AM
4270 tgt area
thank you.
alarm woke me up last night when ES was near 4250, got up and bought call. and went back sleep again. this crazy market recently movement all happened in overnight time.
and during the day, it repeated overnight move.

jaf, 7:18 AM
momo ss try to push , new loww in  sjght

Naturus 7:18 AM
4250 put still active

jaf, 7:19 AM
vix doesnt help s side.

Naturus 7:20 AM
but overall, option site is not too bearish. that means SP500 index hasn’t reached its major bottom yet.
silver tried to catch up.
gold, silver and oil if going up, ES will not go up too much.
those products may slow down ES declining, but don’t help economy recovery.
if economy doesn’t get well, ES will move down further.

jaf, 7:26 AM
4 more min , for this short
stp 68  now
vvv agg rev long 60
67 and 70
70 flat

Naturus 7:34 AM
4259 is 300-dEMA line
make it or brake it

jaf, 7:34 AM
vix lost speed , value 65 .range move  until dax close .boring time maybe
from 4260 to 4280 max . until 11:35 , indis hint

Naturus 7:39 AM
gold and oil at short-term, have a buy on dip behavor. ES has a short on bounce behavor
ES needs to revisit 4101.75 last month’s low area,
this week is rollover week
Thursday and Friday will be fun

jaf, 7:44 AM
es J22 ?

Naturus 7:45 AM
small bounce from 4265 line
4290-4300 is R zone

Naturus 8:14 AM
poor ES, no strength for bounce.

jaf, 8:33 AM
europa closing , bored algos
will try a trip to LOD 4235 . keep one eye at vix
Must spx b\d in next 10 min , otherwise cover asap
spx try . b\d . careful here

Naturus 8:39 AM
aturus, 8:39 AM
today will not close above 4300 level. any call above 4300 line will become worthless

if account margin allows, sell 4320 call to collect premium


jaf, 8:40 AM
need 4235 to collect prft

Naturus, 8:41 AM
index b/d 300-dEMA line
European market closed
next week ES march contract will expire
so far 4550 call should be worthless list
4250 line area should hold up for a while
4245 stop for very agg. scalping long
tgt 4265-68
b/o 4270, next tgt = 4275
b/d 4280, max tgt = 4290
high risk due to buying side.
don’t expect too much from it during lunch session

Naturus, 9:00 AM
this market so weak
b/d 4238 line, it opens 4100 door for rest of week day

Naturus, 9:22 AM
long side will not work. keep staying short side.
now 4300 call will be worthless list
any bounce, people will short 4305, 4310 calls and hold into end for collecting premium
4200 next low target is open

Naturus, 10:02 AM
1:30pm. small reversal time is coming
ES 15min chart oversold

Naturus, 10:29 AM
ES tried to build its today’s bottom
short side be carefully.
small sideway range from 4250 to 4220

Naturus, 10:57 AM
gold market closed

Naturus, 11:03 AM
ES still misses 500K contracts
market cycle moves into acceptance stage.

Douglas, 11:09 AM
what does it mean “misses 500K contracts”?

Naturus, 11:43 AM
still 500K hasn’t been traded yet.

mean 500K contacts possible will be traded in last 1.5 hours.


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