Gold swing trades – week of Dec. 14, 2015

Last week

151211-gold price

GOLD formed an narrow week range last week, barely more than a $24 range. It mainly waited for the Fed policy decision coming on Wednesday. It has been holding under $1088.30, the prior week’s high, and above the $1045.40 low.

Last week’s trades

151211-gold 60

Gold futures, Dec. 11, 2015 60-minute bars

There wasn’t much profit to be had for traders last week, The total weekly range was less than $24, and the price did not reach any of Nat’s major inflection points. It stalled below the 1st resistance area below $1100, and the decline stopped above the first support around $1060.

Some alert traders made a little profit when the price moved back above Nat’s key line on Tuesday, and reversed when it reached the Monday high around $1085, but if you were not monitoring her room you likely missed those trades.

The two-way move was worth about $2,000 per contract, which is certainly worth taking, but not many traders got it.

Its worth noting the bounce Friday afternoon, the second week buyers have stepped in late to move the price above the support and out of a congestion area.

This week

Gold futures, daily chart

Gold futures, daily chart

This week the Fed has to make an interest rate decision in the two-day FOMC meeting. Whatever decision is made – raise or no raise — could rock the GOLD price this week.

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