Gold – inflection points for May 2, 2017

Monday’s trades

Sell: $1278.50-$1277.50
Keyline: $1269.50-$1270.50
Buy: $1256.50-$1258.30

There was a fairly spectacular sell-off in gold Monday and it provided great trading opportunities both for overnight members and subscribers to the trade room.

The futures sold off sharply on volume as soon as the Globex session opened Sunday night and stayed down until the beginning of the day session, when the priced worked its way back up to Nat’s keyline.

It made one brief touch at that level then dropped $15 per ounce in the space of a couple of hours. It bounced slightly into the close.

The entry was at Nat’s keyline and the exit was at her first buy level. The trade was worth about $1100 per contract for the full move.

Today’s workbooks

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