Gold – inflection points for Mar. 16, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: $1211.60-$1213.00
Keyline: $1207.50-$1203.50
Buy: $1196.50-$1195.00

The gold futures spend the overnight session and the day session dozing peacefully in a range between Nat’s keyline and her Buy level.

But after the day session closed the Fed made their interest rate announcement and gold took off like a rocket.

The price in the after-market moved from Nat’s buy level directly to her sell level in about 30 minutes, a move worth about $1,500 per contract, and continued up another $1200 from that point.

The subscribrs in Nat’s trade room had warning about the rally and had the opportunity to take more than $2,000 per contract from the market yesterday.


Today’s workbook

[gview file=””]r_Decision]

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