Gold – inflection points for Feb. 27, 2017

Friday’s trades

GC J17 Feb. 24, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell: $1258.50-$1259.50
Keyline: $1246.5
Buy: $1238.50-$1236.50

There was a very nice move in Gold in Friday’s Globex market, but some overnight traders may have missed the entry.

The decline from the previous close stopped a little more than $2 above Nat’s Keyline. Traders who faded Nat’s call by a couple of bucks caught a move worth about $850 per contract.

Those who waited for her Keyline to be hit never had another good chance to get in and missed the move.

Subscribers to the trade room also had a chance to catch the retracement back down from the mid-morning spike.

Monday’s workbook

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