Gold – inflection points for Apr. 5, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

GC – M17. Apr. 4, 2017. 60-minute bars.

Sell: $1258.50-$1261.00
Keyline: $1247.20
Buy: $1241.20-$1243.00

There were few trading opportunities in gold yesterday.

The market climbed from the previous close through Nat’s selling range and reached the high of the day soon after the day session open.

From that point it bounced down and then up to close very close to the lower boundary of the sell zone.

There was a modest trade available — at least for subscribers to the trade room who took the opportunity to get short from the opening price spike — but there was little profit available and you had to be very nimble to get it.

Markets seem to be waiting for economic reports today (Wednesday) including the FOMC minutes and the oil inventory announcement

Today’s workbook

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