Gold – inflection points for Apr. 26, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: $1289.50-$1287.90
Keyline: $1278.50 -$1279.50
Buy: $1266.50-$1267.20

The move in gold futures conformed to Nat’s inflection points pretty well, but it would have been difficult for overnight traders to catch the move.

The price moved up to her keyline soon after the prior day’s close, then made a steady progression down to her buy level at the day session open.

The price immediately bounced about $250 per contract (the number on the chart is incorrect) before dropping back through her sell level.

The best trade was to stay short from the previous day’s close, but it is likely most overnight traders took the bounce from her sell level as their entry.

However the bounce never got back to Nat’s keyline and unless you were monitoring the price action you had no good method to identify the exit.

Today’s workbooks

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