Gold – inflection points for Apr. 25, 2017

Monday’s trades

Sell: $1295.50-$1294.70
Keyline: $1282.50-$1285.00
1st buy: $1275.50-$1276.50
2nd buy: $1266.50-$1265.50

Gold gapped down $20 an ounce Sunday night on the same news about the French Election that drove the ES up about 30 points.

The smash down ended precisely at Nat’ 2nd buy level and rallied during the overnight trading, only to fall back before the day session opened.

It then rallied past Nat’s 1st buy level and continued up. Trade room subscribers had a fair chance to capture all or part of the day session rally. The move from Nat’s 1st buy level to the close was worth about $220 per contract.

Today’s workbooks

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