Gold – inflection points for Apr. 18, 2017

Monday’s trades

GC M17. Apr. 17, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell: $1298.40-$1295.50
Keyline: $1283.50-$1285.50
Buy: $1276.00-$1274.10

Gold futures moved up over the holiday weekend, but gradually moved back down to a temporary support level near the prior close before the start of the day session. The price did not approach Nat’s keyline overnight.

Once the day session opened the price moved up to within a few ticks of Nat’s sell level. before falling back throughout the day. The market closed near Nat’s key line.

Capturing the trade was a little tricky for both overnight traders and trade room subscribers.

The day session trade required traders to enter below Nat’s sell level. But once into the trade, the direction was clear and the exit was well-defined.

Traders who caught all of that decline captured a potential profit of about $900 per contract.

For the initial rally trade, members who entered at the prior close and held for Nat’s sell level could have made $500 per contract — if they correctly identified the exit.

Today’s workbook

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