Monday Mar. 14 – Transcript


Time stamps are Pacific time; add 3 hours for EST

Overnight Sunday

trading sheet for Mar 14, 2022. No option trades for ESH22 instruction.

Naturus, 9:10 AM –  Sunday morning
Option trading instruction:
Due to rollover contract, June contract will be front contract to trade, and March contract will be end contract for this week, but weekly option expiration contracts continue trading for March contract. Lots of confusion will be shown. If you want to trade March contract options, price should be based on March contract for this week. if you want to trade June contract option, those option will be expired next week. price is based on June contract price move.

Naturus, 9:24 AM
Monday (E2A) option is for ES March contract expired on Mar. 18. meanline is 4250. overnight if ESH22 moves into 4260 area or high, buy 4200 and 4175 puts could work for some profit. if overnight market opens, and ES directly runs down towards 4100 area to react external bad news, looking for scalping buy 4180 to 4150 calls for short-period trades. set up Alert on ES chart, when price reaches, looking for option price. and try to get as low as option price possible.

Naturus, 9:32 AM
Next Monday (E3A) option is for ES June contract expires on June 17, 2022. so far it doesn’t show any meanline yet.  both side option price is overpriced. this option only for scalping trades until coming Friday. before Friday, March contract goes down or up, June contract will go down or up too. the difference between contracts will be 9pts.


Neal, 5:34 AM
GM @Naturus

Jerry, 5:35 AM
Gm Nat

A, 5:54 AM
GM Nat

Sammy, 5:58 AM
gm nat and all

Che, 6:06 AM
Gm all

Nat, 6:16 AM
gm all

Hsi, 6:17 AM
gm nat and all

Nat, 6:19 AM
this week is quadruple witching week. plus Fed announcements on Wednesday. Voliality will increase. it should be an observation week. a learning week.

A, 6:20 AM
not easy to be disciplined

Naturus, 6:28 AM
gm all
gap fill first possible for ES
trading June contract. gap at 4192.50
overnight ES didn’t fill 4192.50
in order to fill this gap, ES needs to b/d 4199
bond tanking after bond market opened this morning
ES opens at 4204

JAF, 6:33 AM
gm Nat…….all

Naturus, 6:34 AM
scalping short on bounce. major stop at 4214.50 for agg. scalping short side
tgt = gap fill
time change, lots of dizziness
European market closing time will be 12:30pm today

JAF, 6:36 AM
spx gap filled

Naturus, 6:37 AM
ES gap filled

Naturus, 6:45 AM
looks like ES found today’s low

JAF, 6:47 AM
yes , using 4200 area stp for long side

Naturus, 6:49 AM
ES needs to b/o 4214.50 line to give a confirmation. otherwise ES still has a chance to drop near 4185 line
at the edge of chao’s Powell, Putin and Puts possible roil stocks this week

JAF, 6:52 AM
above4212  trail rest .
europa green
value 4208 . hope another leg after 10:00


Naturus, 6:57 AM
not easy for both side
for upside, ES needs to clear 4214.50 line. for downside, it needs to clear 4198 line
otherwise just sideway until one side gives up.
gold and oil are near their support. scalping long side will be playing soon.
today’s option for March contract. p/c ratio is neutral.

JAF, 7:05 AM
first leg after 10:00 swing completed @ 4215,waiting for 4200 area b\d  or hold one more
L4204 safer 4201
trt 15 and beyond
no long below  4200
par 15
nxt18.75 mml
no shorts at tape , buyers and sellers only , hence reason why bias up
4238 ideal , HOD
4238 as mml, HOD 4245 .
ABC up completed , wave 4 down strting now ,4214 ideal bit agg from 4218

Naturus, 7:22 AM
today is choppy. favor upside due to rollover in from March contract

JAF, 7:23 AM
stil no shorts at tape , this leg from 10:15 may complete at 10:30 . above 26 confirm

Naturus, 7:25 AM
ES will retest overnight high and higher up to 4275 area
time different, price behavor different

JAF, 7:31 AM
L again from 4218 area
filled 16
stp 13 hrd
sell p and b\e
most 23 if get , rinse and repeat
hope it help

Che, 7:36 AM

JAF, 7:38 AM
 ty Che , dumb luck

Che, 7:38 AM
Luckiest man I know

JAF, 7:43 AM
from swing H 10:25 ABC , now unfold C down . 4214 max max , if hold , rally 4238 . spx under intraday buy signal , at wave 5 up . new H confirm , if pict needed plz post

JAF, 7:48 AM
some momo shrts try 28
value pop to 4220
filled 23
 v agg
part 30
most 36
final m38.25 mml

JAF, 7:59 AM
filled 31
last trade for me
watch bb reaction
done , trade safe

Che, 8:00 AM
Thanks Yoyo, great trading

JAF, 8:03 AM
welcome  Che (y)

Naturus, 8:20 AM
oil hit its first buying level
ES is near its overnight high area
as long as overnight high holds ES down, price will return 4205 area

Naturus, 9:02 AM
retesting Morning session low. European market will close in next 28 mins
due to waiting for this market may happen, if there is any question you have, please just post. I will try to answer your questions.

Naturus, 9:54 AM
ES makes new low

Naturus, 10:35 AM
ES is near our first buying level. but buying pressure still weak

Naturus, 11:55 AM
bond market will close in next 5min

Naturus, 12:13 PM
tonight pay attention on next Monday option 4300 call
right now $17 level is today’s low option price,
overnight if it can get 10 area, scalping long for one day.

Naturus, 1:10 PM
all charts are updated for tonight and tomorrow.
Tomorrow I expect ES will bounce from its low level. it is very oversold in short term. also indicator has a positive divergence between price with indicators. if there is no external bad news, focus on buy on dip.

Che, 1:12 PM
Ty Nat
Have a great eveing all

Sammy, 1:13 PM
thank you nat !
nite all

Naturus, 1:15 PM

Mar 15. 2022.pdf

trading sheet for March 15, 2022

option trading: If ES goes down first, looking for buy next Monday’s call 4250, 4275 and 4300 calls. 4150 is meanline for next Monday option. 3985 is major support for June contract. 4101.25 was Feb. month’s low. both will slow down ES declining.

I expect ES will bounce from those support lines tomorrow until Wednesday FOMC.

gn all