ES – inflection points for Mar. 23, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

ESM7, Mar. 22, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell: 2363.50-2365.50
Keyline: 2338.50-2335.50
Buy: 2320.50-2323.50

After a big expansion move yesterday, the ES settled back into a consolidation area today.

The price dropped to Nat’s keyline overnight and held there, then bounced a bit in the day session.

But the bounce stalled at intraday resistance around 2347-48 and fell back slightly for the close. The price never approached Nat’s sell level.

Overnight traders could have realized about $300 per contract with an exit at the close. Trade room subscribers had the opportunity to exit about five points higher, for an additional gain of about $250 per contract.

Today’s workbook

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