ES – inflection points for May 1, 2017

Friday’s trades

Sell: 2394.25-2395.50
Keyline: 2386.50-2385.50
Sell: 2373.50-2372.00

The fireworks expected to accompany the end of the month just never materialized Friday.

Markets were prepped for government-shutdown-window-dressing-option-expiration volatility but none of that happened.

Instead the price managed to move a little above Nat’s keyline (and the previous close) overnight and at the beginning of the day session before declining throughout the day to a minor support level.

Trade room subscribers had Nat’s intraday calls for guidance, but overnight traders would have found it difficult to get a good entry and a good exit.

In any even there was not much meat on that bone: the trade from Nat’s keyline to the close returned a very modest $200 per contract.

Today’s workbooks

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