ES – inflection points for Mar. 9, 2017

Yesterday’s Trades

ESH 7. Mar. 8, 2017. 30-minue bars.

Sell: 2378.50-2380.50
Keyline: 2362.50-2363.00
Buy: 2350.50-2349.00

The ES managed to hold some semblance of a rational market yesterday, when all around it was going into the tank. But it didn’t provide any decent trades for Nat’s subscribers

The price reached her keyline overnight, and moved up to the high of the day (2373.00) in the day session, but never reached her sell level.

In the absence of a clear exit, many traders held the position as it retreated back to the keyline. The sudden sell-off in the final hour of trading may have left some with a loss.

Today’s workbook

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