ES – inflection points for Mar. 8, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

ES H7 Mar. 7, 2017

Sell: 2388.50-2387.50
Keyline: 2375.00-2378.50
Buy: 2363.00-2364.00

The ES was all over the map yesterday, and while there was  good move for overnight traders to capture, it was difficult to trade.

The price reached Nat’s Keyline very early in the after-market session and never returned to that level. Traders who missed that entry had only one other opportunity to get in.

The subsequent decline finally came close to — but did not touch — her sell level after a dramatic sell-off in the final hour of the session. It was easy to be shaken out of this trade.

Subscribers to the trade room had a nice long trade early in the day session.

Today’s workbook

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