ES – inflection points for Mar. 7, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: 2390.50-2392.50
Keyline: 2375.00-2378.50
Buy: 2366.50-2164.00

This was potentially a great trade for overnight traders, But some may have missed it by two ticks and ended up with a small loss instead of a good profit.

The market reached Nat’s keyline overnight and provided a good short entry. It subsequently fell to within two ticks of Nat’s Buy level before bouncing back to the Keyline and beyond.

Overnight traders who faded Nat’s buy level by a point or two could have captured both moves for a total of about $900 for the round trip. If they held strictly to her numbers, they booked a small loss.

Subscribers to the live trade room had an excellent opportunity to get long near the low of the day and capture at least half of the move.

Today’s workbook

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