ES – inflection points for Mar. 29, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

ESM7, Mar. 28, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell: 2349.50-2351.50
Keyline: 2338.50-2341.50
Buy: 2332.00-2329.75

Over the weekend the ES dropped to Nat’s second Buy level. Yesterday it came within a couple of points of reaching her second Sell level, an indication of both a strong uptrend and an expanding daily range.

There were lots of trading opportunities yesterday for both overnight traders and trade room subscribers.

The price dropped steadily overnight, moving through Nat’s key area and coming within 1.50 points of her buy level by the opening of the day session.

The market reversed from that level and climbed steadily through the day, reaching her 1st sell level around noon, when speeches from two Fed members sent the market climbing almost to Nat’s second sell level.

The move from bottom to top was worth about $900 per contract. Traders who missed the original entry still had a chance to get on board when the price moved through the keyline area. And some trade room subscribers were able to catch the short from the high to the close. All-in-all a good day for ES traders.

Today’s workbook

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