ES – inflection points for Mar. 15, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: 2383.50-2385.50
Keyline: 2373.75-2375.50
Buy: 2359.00-2361.25

The ES traded within two points of Nat’s keyline overnight, then fell through her buy level to make the low of the day in the morning session.

It then climbed back up through the buy zone in the afternoon.

Overnight traders who managed to get short at her keyline had a potential profit of about $550 per contract.

Subscribers to the trade room who were taking swing trades were profit but had less to gain

Note that the Fed Open Market Committee decision on interest rates will be released this afternoon, and will certainly affect the ES.. Traders should be alert for spice spikes (up or down) today.

Today’s workbook

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