ES – inflection points for Apr. 27, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: 2393.25-2392.50
Keyline: 2381.75-2382.75
Buy: 2373.50-2374.50

It was a great day to trade the ES on Wednesday. The futures provided two clear-cut trades worth about $450 each, available to both overnight traders and trade room subscribers, plus a couple of short-term intraday trades worth another $200 each.

The price moved down to Nat’s keyline overnight and stayed not far from it until an hour or so before the day session began.

Then the futures took off from that point and marched straight up to Nat’s 1st sell level.

It bounced down and back at that level until late in the afternoon session, when the price moved directly from the sell level back to the keyline to complete a profitable round trip and end the day within a point or two of the opening price.


Today’s workbooks

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