ES – inflection points for Apr. 26, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

2nd sell: 2387.75-2389.50
1st Sell: 2379.50-2381.75
Keyline: 2365.00-2362.50
Buy: 2356.25-2355.50

The ES mini-futures made another strong overnight rally, and pushed the price up to Nat’s 1st sell level  up for the day session open.

The rally continued in the day session and the price continued up to the second sell level where the advance halted and retraced slightly into the close.

The day session move was worth about $350 per contract, and trade room subscribers had a good opportunity to capture all or part of the move, especially as Nat identified fresh support and resistance levels before the open.

Overnight traders had little chance to identify the move correctly before the day-session open.

Today’s workbooks

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