ES – inflection points for Apr. 25, 2017

Monday’s trades

2nd sell: 2365.75-2367.50
1st Sell: 2357.50-2358.50
Keyline: 2350.00-2349.00
Buy: 2335.25-2334.75

The ES mini-futures gapped up 30 points overnight on the strength of a “positive” results in the French election, blowing past Nat’s 1st and 2nd sell levels.

It then retraced about a third of that surge before the day session opened.

Once the day session began the price rallied about seven points before falling back a little for the close. The rally continued again in the early overnight market.

Trade room subscribers had a reasonable opportunity to capture the bounce for Nat’s 2nd sell line thanks to calls she made before the open.

Overnight traders had no realistic chance to capture the moves.


Today’s workbooks

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