ES- inflection points for Apr. 21, 2017

Yesterday’s trades

Sell: 2347.00-2345.50
Keyline: 2331.00-2332.75
Buy: 2321.50-2319.50

The S&P500 mini futures broke out to the upside yesterday in a dramattic move that took the price up 20 points in the course of the day, before falling back slightly at the close.

The price worked up slowly in the overnight session, but once the day session began it marched straight up with scarcely a pause for almost the entire session.

The price blew through Nat’s 1st sell level and only stopped at the upper boundary of her second sell level.

There was no trade based on Nat’s inflection points, and any attempt to short was murdered until the last hour of trading.

Today’s workbooks

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