ES – inflection points for Apr. 18, 2017

Monday’s trades

ES M7. Apr. 17, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell: 2346.50-2348.00
Keyline: 2335.50-2336.50
Buy: 2321.50-2319.50

There were a couple of decent trades in the ES overnight and in Monday’s day session, especially for trade room subscribers.

The price tried to  move down to Nat’s buy level overnight, but missed it by a couple of points. Some overnight traders may have captured that entry if they were fading Nat’s inflection point, but most likely missed it.

The better trade was at Nat’s keyline. The price reached that point during the day session, and continued up to reach her sell level for the close.

Entry and exit were both well-defined; the move was worth about $500 per contract

Today’s workbook

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