ES – inflection points for Apr. 11, 2017

Monday’s trades

ESM7. Apr. 10, 2017. 30-minute bars

Sell: 2364.50-2365.50
Keyline: 2354.50-2352.50
Buy: 2337.50-2335.50

The ES moved back and forth across Nat’s keyline in the overnight trading.

Once the day session approached the price moved from the keyline to within 1.25 points of her sell level before it fell back.

There was a good entry at the keyline for overnight traders, and those who faded the exit level could make as much as $400 per contract… if they found the exit in time.

Subscribers to the trade room had the benefit of Nat’s pre-market update which identified the entry level for the retracement, worth more than $400 per contract, depending on where they covered their short position.

Today’s workbook

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