ES – inflection point for Feb. 8, 2017

Tuesday’s trades

ESH7 Feb. 7, 2017. 30-minute bars.

Sell level: 2304.50-2305.50
Keyline: 2295.50-2296.50
Buy level: 2278.50-2279.50

The ES made two decent moves overnight and during the day session, but neither of them reached any of Nat’s inflection points.

The price dropped down quickly after a spike to the high of the day on the day session open. The daily range was smaller than usual.

Some traders watching the start of the overnight session may have been tempted into entering a trade when the price dipped within two points of Nat’s Keyline,

That would have been a good catch, but the price moved back up quickly and only the nimble caught part of that move.

Today’s workbook


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