Daily Summary – Wednesday Mar. 9, 2022

Calls are for the ES weekly options expiring Weds, Mar. 9

Wednesday Mar. 9


Overnight/Premarket, Weds. March 9

(on options expiring roughly 20 hours later).

Today night we want to see big drops under 4100 level and bounce fast from 4050 line, and then buying calls for scalping trade. see profit and take it before tomorrow regular market opens.

if overnight goes up first, 4270-50 zone is R zone. see ES moves into zone, should think to buy 4150 and 4125 puts.

Day session trades

Buy 4200 Puts below $7

Outcome – Wednesday

The market rallied steadily throughout the day. The 4200 Calls were too expensive, and the Puts declined along with the price. There was a brief moment when it was possible to make a very small profit from the 4200 Puts but the opportunity disappeared quickly.

Max. risk, $350; max potential profit ~$150.

It is doubtful anyone made a profit on this trade; the loss could have been mitigated by selling the option back into the market before 10:30

ESH22 -Mar. 9, candlesticks with 4200 Put, (small high-low bars.) ES price on right, option price on left.









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