Daily Summary – Thursday Mar. 10, 2022

Calls are for the ES weekly options expiring Friday, Mar. 11

Thursday March 10


Overnight/Premarket, Weds. March 9

(on options expiring roughly 36hours later).

option trading. 4250 is meanline for Friday’s option. as long as this line holds up, ES could go up under 4350 line. if ES moves near it, looking for buying 4275 puts

if ES goes down first, and price near 4150 line, looking for buying 4270 or 4250 calls.

Neither condition was met in the pre-market.

Outcome – Wednesday

Few clear-cut trading opportunities. The 4250 Calls (thin coloured HLC bars on the chart) did drop below $15 for a brief period near the end of the morning session, and it was possible to sell them back into the market above $30. But the price was a little high and the profit a little low. The risk/reward set-up we look for did not materialize.

ESH22 Mar. 10. This coloured bars are 4250 Call. ES price on right; option price on left. Time stamp is Chicago time; add 1 hour for EST.







Max risk: ~$750; max potential profit ~$750 depending on trade execution.

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