Best trade – week ending Mar. 8, 2019

The trade Gold: Thurs. Mar. 7. Potential gain $460 This was a slim week for profitable trades using Nat’s inflection points. There were a series of calls that narrowly missed being filled, which would have resulted in seriously profitable trades. Full Access members who were monitoring the market in real time were able to tweak their calls to catch some of those move. But most of the members using resting orders, placed in advance, missed out. One exception was this trade in gold on Thursday. The market dropped on a … Continue reading

Best trade – week ending Mar. 1, 2019

The trade ES: Mon. Feb. 25. Potential gain $675 This wasn’t the most profitable trade this week (see below for the the trade that was) but was the easiest to execute, returned a decent profit with very little effort, and was available to every member, including people signed up for the Really Cheap Membership at a whopping  monthly cost of $19. What’s not to like? Monday workbooks are usually posted Saturday evening, so everybody had a full day-and-a-half to  place orders. The usual method of trading these systemic inflection points … Continue reading

Best trade – week ending Feb. 22, 2019

The trade ES: $462 Thursday Feb. 21 It was a difficult week trading Nat’s calls. The simulated trading program used to track Nat’s overnight calls showed a profit for the week, but not in the range of the $1000-plus recorded every previous week this year. The trades in the S&P500 e-mini were winners this week, but trades in gold and oil futures were frustrating: a lot of near misses, with good entries missed by a few pennies and a couple of trades stopped out by unexpectedly wide swings in the … Continue reading

Best trade – week ending Feb. 15, 2019

The trade Oil: $1010 Monday Feb. 11 Oil continues to offer a majority of the best trades so far in 2019. The reason is not difficult to understand; the intraday volatility of oil futures has increased sharply in the past couple of months, and greater intraday price swings mean more trading opportunities and larger moves. This trade is fairly typical of what has been happening in the oil markets. The price dropped in overnight trading, reached an extreme shortly after the open — which is where Nat places her entries … Continue reading

Best trade – week ending Feb. 8, 2019

The trade Gold: $590 Feb. 4 The best trading opportunities so far in 2019 have been in oil futures. Last week was no exception, and Nat’s oil trades returned a potential profit of $560 for the week, despite being stopped out (by five cents) on Thursday. But the trade we liked best this week was a long trade in gold futures. Nat’s inflection points are designed to indicate significant changes in market behaviour, most frequently the point where the market changes short-term direction. That’s precisely what happened with this call. … Continue reading