Monday Mar. 14 – Transcript

220314-Transcript Time stamps are Pacific time; add 3 hours for EST Overnight Sunday trading sheet for Mar 14, 2022. No option trades for ESH22 instruction. Naturus, 9:10 AM –  Sunday morning Option trading instruction: Due to rollover contract, June contract will be front contract to trade, and March contract will be end contract for this week, but weekly option expiration contracts continue trading for March contract. Lots of confusion will be shown. If you want to trade March contract options, price should be based on March contract for this week. … Continue reading

Fri. Mar. 11 Transcript

220311-Transcript Overnight trading sheet for March 11, 2022 option trading. 4250 is meanline. ES pop near 4300 area during overnight, looking for buy 4250, 4225 or 4200 puts if ES drops near 4210 or below near 4175 area first, looking for buy 4300 or 4275 calls and sell it while ES attempts to fill gap in first hour trading. buying call side needs to watch news carefully. any war bad news will disrupt this market pop. without bad news, ES is likely hold up and attempt to retest 4300 area … Continue reading

Thurs. Mar. 10 transcript

22204310-Transcript Thurs. Rollover, triple witch next week. trading fri op ex trading sheet for March. 10, 2022 option trading. 4250 is meanline for Friday’s option. as long as this line holds up, ES could go up under 4350 line. if ES moves near it, looking for buying 4275 puts if ES goes down first, and price near 4150 line, looking for buying 4270 or 4250 calls. gn all Mar. 10 Jaf (Yoyo)5:08 AM good morning Jerry, 5:09 AM Good morning A, 5:09 AM Good morning Jaf (Yoyo)5:10 AM watch 4218.75 … Continue reading

Weds. Mar. 9 transcript

220309-Transcript Trading Weds op.ex. Overnight trade – Tuesday today night we want to see big drops under 4100 level and bounce fast from 4050 line, and then buying calls for scalping trade. see profit and take it before tomorrow regular market opens. if overnight goes up first, 4270-50 zone is R zone. see ES moves into zone, should think to buy 4150 and 4125 puts. good night to all  2m 1s Wednesday Naturus, 5:32 AM Today’s Economic Calendar 7:00 MBA Mortgage Applications 10:00 Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey 10:30 … Continue reading

Tues. Mar. 8 transcript

220308-Transcript Time stamp is Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for EST. Tuesday, trading Weds op e   Naturus,, 1:08 PM (Monday evening) Option trading instruction: *overnight market opens, ES needs to go lower first to shakeout weak buyers first. 4150 and 4112.50 level possible to see. when ES nears those levels, looking for 4200 and 4225 calls, but any bounce needs to lock those calls profit and don’t hold too longs. * *if overnight market opens, ES goes up first under 4270 level, looking for buying 4175, 4150 and 4125 … Continue reading