System trades for Jan. 26, 2016

The best trades today were the oil futures, which offered potential profits of about $2,500 per contract in two distinct moves defined by Nat’s Control line. The first move, potentially about $1,200 per contract, started in the pre-market and stalled at Nat’s control line. The second, potentially worth about $1,300 per contract, broke out from the Control line after noon and rallied strongly. Oil still looks volatile, especially compared with the ES today.   The ES made a decent move overnight that stalled right at Nat’s control line at the … Continue reading

Nat’s system trades – Jan. 25, 2016

The market tried hard, but never reached the trigger for entering a trade in the ES. In the oil market the price whipsawed around Nat’s control line without ever establishing a clear direction or a good entry point. The intraday range in both markets was less than we have seen in the early part of the month. May have something to do with the end of the trading month on Friday, or it may be that the character of the market is changing again. We’ll see. Here are the charts … Continue reading

System trades – Jan. 22, 2016

Some of the wonder is wearing off Nat’s fabulous system trades. After three weeks of virtually unalloyed successes, last week we had two trades — of 10 total — that failed to behave as expected. OMG! On Wednesday the ES dropped substantially below her buy level, far enough that any reasonable trade would have been stopped out. It later recovered and turned into a good-sized winner, but a lasting dip below the Buy entry is a novelty this year. Friday it happened again, in the oil futures. The price moved … Continue reading

System trades – Jan. 21, 2016

Well that’s more like it! After a scratchy, scrambly choppy day on Wednesday when the prices pushed through Nat’s inflection lines almost at will (see yesterday’s post) today she got a little respect. Both oil and the ES provided great profits for traders who trusted Nat’s calculations. ES On the ES the overnight price touched her control line and moved up almost to the Sell level in the pre-market session. It dropped back within 4 points of the Control line for the day session open, and moved up 40 points to stall for … Continue reading

System trades – Jan. 20, 2016

A weird day. Big gap down at the open, and for the first time I can recall, the price moved well below the Buy entry and stayed there. There was unusual trading during the day: the break down below the Buy level was precipitated by a large order (6,600 contracts) suddenly dumped in a consolidating market and covered immediately by an offsetting order 2 ticks away. This was just at the end of the first-hour range and it had the effect of dumping the market to the lowest price in … Continue reading