Nat’s results – Nov. 17, 2017

ES The S&P500 mini-futures (ES) peaked in the overnight session but did not approach Nat’s inflection points. Overnight traders had no entry levels. During the day session the ES stayed within a narrow range for most of the day and offered few trading opportunities. The price did spike down to Nat’s keyline at one point, and some of the dayside scalpers may have been able to get an entry that returned about 4 points ($200). But the market tanked into the close, and anyone who … Continue reading

System trades: Safety first

In the past two weeks the trading system we’ve been calling Safe Simple Trading has stopped working. We can’t recommend it to our subscribers until we fix it. In the third week of February 2020 the markets changed dramatically, nominally because of the spread of the coronavirus around the world. Up until that time the Safe Simple system had been working like a charm. From Jan. 2 to Feb. 17, the hypothetical trades accumulated profits for the year-to-date of a bit more than $7,100, trading … Continue reading

System trades – week ending Feb. 5, 2016

We’re still looking at the way swing traders — those who don’t monitor the market during the regular trading session — could profit from the system calls Nat posts before the day session opens. Using the same simplified trading method outlined n the previous post, we will be posting week-by-week results for the e-mini futures (ESH6). The oil trades will still get a cursory glance, but the initial results didn’t give good outcomes for swing traders. Here’s the results for the first week of February: One … Continue reading

System trades: new trading method and call for Beta testers

As you know Nat has been developing new trading methods for several months. The process involves calculating what we are calling “inflection points” (for lack of a better term) using overnight trading activity. She posts the re-calculated numbers in her live trade room shortly after 8:00 a.m. and her trade room members then have them available for the morning trading session. But we also want to use these numbers for a different group of traders — people who can place an order in the morning, but … Continue reading

System trades for Jan. 29, 2016

A moderately successful day trading the Oil futures, at least for intraday traders, but stopped out in the S&P500 mini-futures for a modest loss. The price moved significantly past Nat’s short entry level in the ES, a rare occurrence, likely related to end-of-month window-dressing. Here are today’s charts. OIL The oil futures dropped in the early session but halted the decline obediently at Nat’s Control line, before bouncing back to virtually unchanged on the day for the close. Aggressive intraday traders could have gotten part of … Continue reading