February 2020 Results: commentary

The first two weeks of February — in fact to that point the whole of the year 2020 — were terrific for Nat’s inflection points. The last two weeks of February were disastrous. For the first seven weeks of the year the net cumulative profits for Nat’s inflection points reached $7,760 — slightly more than $1000 per week, trading single contracts with a maximum stop loss of $300 per trade. That is a spectaclar return, considering that an initial brokerage deposit of about $10,000 would be sufficient to finance those … Continue reading

A $2000 day

The US large-cap equity index made its first substantial retracement in two years about three weeks ago, and since then the daily price swings have become much bigger. The increased daily volatility is mother’s milk for short-term traders like us. We don’t care which way it goes, as long as it moves. And it is moving very nicely, with well-defined intra-day trends that are easy to catch and more profitable than ever. We had one yesterday (Wednesday Feb. 21, 2018) that turned a potential profit of about $2000 per contract … Continue reading

Remarkable trades this week

So far this week (the week of Nov. 6, 2017) Nat’s trades would have netted about $4000 in profit on 5 trades —  most of them trades you could easily make without ever looking at a chart. Nat’s full access members, who get instant updates overnight and during the morning session, had even better opportunities. That sounds way too good to be true, because you could have made most of those trades with only about $5000 trading capital. But here are the charts for the week so far, showing Nat’s … Continue reading