Best trade – week ending Mar. 8, 2019

The trade

Gold: Thurs. Mar. 7. Potential gain $460

GCJ19 Mar. 7, 2019. Click to enlarge.

This was a slim week for profitable trades using Nat’s inflection points. There were a series of calls that narrowly missed being filled, which would have resulted in seriously profitable trades.

Full Access members who were monitoring the market in real time were able to tweak their calls to catch some of those move. But most of the members using resting orders, placed in advance, missed out.

One exception was this trade in gold on Thursday. The market dropped on a wave of overnight selling in overseas markets, and went just low enough to ensure a fill for Nat’s first buy entry around 3:00 a.m. Eastern time. The subsequent drawdown was measured in pennies.

The price then rallied into a fairly quiet trading session during the day, but still closed high enough to return a modest gain of $460. Full Access members monitoring the market had more profitable ways to exit the trade.

This was another set-it-and-forget-it trade. Limit orders allowed members to place the trade Wednesday evening and do nothing further until the profit was booked.

These trades are fairly typical of Nat’s overnight calls. They are posted at least 12 hours in advance, in writing, and some are available to members paying as little as $19 a month. Click the button to find out how to get them in time to profit from them.


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