A $2000 day

The US large-cap equity index made its first substantial retracement in two years about three weeks ago, and since then the daily price swings have become much bigger.

The increased daily volatility is mother’s milk for short-term traders like us. We don’t care which way it goes, as long as it moves.

And it is moving very nicely, with well-defined intra-day trends that are easy to catch and more profitable than ever. We had one yesterday (Wednesday Feb. 21, 2018) that turned a potential profit of about $2000 per contract for the S&P 500 e-minis.

And getting in and getting out at the right places was pretty simple: sell at Nat’s red line and cover at her green line.

ESH18, Feb. 21, 2018. 15-minute bars. Click to enlarge.

Here’s the intra-day chart showing the trades for the current futures contract based on the S&P500 large-cap index. (ESH18)

The lines are the “inflection points” where Nat expects the price activity to be significant — areas where short-term trends stop and reverse, or break through resistance and extend further.

Nat posts these inflection points in daily workbooks covering each of the futures markets we trade — gold, oil and the S&P e-minis.

And they are posted each night before midnight so you can trade them overnight or during the day session. (You can see recent examples here).

The inflection points got traders in almost at the top for the day, and out almost at the bottom — a move worth about 50 points at $50 profit per point. $2500 for the day.

That’s pretty good, but far from the best, even the recent best. Nat posts trades like that about 1-3 times every week. Right now they are more frequent than usual.

The analysis that makes gains like this possible are published after the market closes for trading overnight and the following day. If you’d like to see the calls that came the next day and the update for the rest of this week, click here:

Download link: (180222-plan.pdf, 243KB)


And if you’d like to start getting these calls in time to trade them, click here.




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