Nat's January Discount is here

Your best chance to try trading futures at the lowest price this year

Nat's 2022 
deal is on now!

Once a year -- and only once a year -- Nat offers a reduced rate to new subscribers and old friends coming back.

Sign up for a new subscription before the deal ends, and the second month is free.

You can't beat that! But this deal is only available until Feb. 6. Don't let it slip away.


You missed out!

What's the deal

Sign up for Nat's membership any time until the end of the first week in February, and get your second month's subscription free.  As in no charge.

If you like what you've been seeing -- if you're making money -- do nothing, and you won't see another charge until sometime in March.

After that your subscription will renew each month at the regular rate.

Nat's trading system is simple and easy to use. But if its not working for you, cancel any time in the your first two months and you'll never see another charge from us.

In fact you can cancel your subscription anytime, just by sending an e-mail or clicking a link, with no charge. Ever. And No hassles, and no hard feelings.

How does it work?

Nat posts Inflection points -- critical price points where the market will make a decisive move -- every trading day for each of three contracts she trades: the e-mini (symbol ES) gold (GC) and crude oil (CL).

She also posts smart levels for option trades on these futures contracts. 

Then she updates her calls during the trading session in a live chat room where members can see her actual charts with her trading levels updating in real time. 

It doesn't guarantee you'll make money; but it sure improves the odds. 

Does it make money?

Of course it does. We have traders who have been doing this with us since we first opened the doors in 2004. These are smart people, and over the years then have paid thousands of dollars, a month at a time, to get Nat's market insights. Why do you think they stick around?

What's the cost

$97 a month. That gives you access to everything. And the price will never increase as long as you maintain your membership. Don't let this one get away.

There are risks involved in trading futures, and no guarantees your trades will be profitable. Don't do this with the rent money, and be sure to read the disclaimer and Terms of Service after you sign up.