Naturus Inflection Points

An easier and more profitable way to trade

Nat’s new “inflection points” — clearly-defined areas of intra-day support and resistance — make it easier for anyone to trade without constantly monitoring the market. And they generate bigger profits with less risk.

The inflection points tell you where the best trades are each day, and where to take profits. So you trade less frequently, but make bigger gains. You can see how to use them under “Member Resources” in the top menu.

If you are new to trading, these simplified guidelines will help you to visualize the fundamental structure of the market so you can shorten the learning curve and start trading safely and profitably much sooner.

But if you are an experienced trader the inflection points become a detailed road map of the short-term daily and intra-day trends that are the key to consistent profits. They let you avoid — or take advantage of — the daily zigs and zags the algos use to take out your stops and ruin your yield curve.

Here’s a peek at how they work: How to use Nat’s inflection points. 

And here’s a link to the outcomes early this year for trades based on her overnight and weekly (but not intraday) inflection points.

New look, new content

We’ve also re-organized the way Nat’s analysis is presented to make it easier to use and more complete.

The weekly summary has been shortened to make it faster to read and easier to digest. And the specific trading information for each of our main trading vehicles — the ES e-minis, Gold and Oil futures — have been given individual daily trading worksheets with  detailed buy and sell levels. The links are in the menu bar above.

Nat’s new “inflection points” have also been added to the daily worksheets for gold, oil and the ES.. We’ve been testing them for more than two years, and they are definitely ready now for prime time.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Daily workbooks

Comments and suggestions to please.

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